Rakesh Mullick
Principal Scientist
Medical Imaging Apps



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GE John F. Welch Tech Center
Imaging Technologies Lab
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Rakesh Mullick is a Principal Scientist for Advanced Clinical Applications in the Imaging Technologies Lab, at GE John F. Welch Technology Center in Bangalore, India. Prior to his move to GE he was a research fellow at the Diagnostic Imaging Department, Clinical Center, National Institutes of Health (NIH). Before coming to NIH he was a senior research scientist at the Center for Information Enhanced Medicine (CieMed) at the National University of Singapore. He received his doctoral degree from the Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Medical Informatics Group, Graphics, Visualization, and Usability (GVU) Center at Georgia Institute of Technology. He obtained his undergraduate degree (BSEE) from the University of Rochester. Interests include hiking, traveling, cooking, and scriptural reading. For people interested in studying the Bhagvat Gita, the entire contents of the scripture are provided here in the Sanskrit Language. For others interested in relocating to India, they can refer to www.movingtoindia.com which is a collection of informative sites which can aid the move to India.



PhD Georgia Tech
BS University of Rochester
Research Interests

  • Volume Visualization
  • Medical Image Analysis
  • Image Registration & Motion
  • Application Software Design
  • 3D Interfaces
  • Knowledge Based Image Interpretation
Research Publications
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